VM & Shop Design Director

  • Libra
  • Made In Italy
  • Travel Addict

Living and working in China for more than 13 years is giving me the opportunity to culturally enrich myself, experiencing different languages, cultures and lifestyles. I fluently speak Italian, Chinese, Spanish and English and this gives me the possibility to understand and communicate clearly with people coming from completely different backgrounds. Since I was little, I have developed a passion for design and aesthetics. I enjoy beautiful things: whether it is a nice pair of shoes, a bag, a chair or a detail of a door handle.

What I like the most working on a design project is the materiality and color mix. I have been directing the team since 2012, learning and growing together. I am a people person who leaves the designers all the freedom of creativity and innovation, in order to keep an enjoyable, fresh and bubbly working environment. When not shopping, I enjoy traveling, photography going on hikes, and training Muay Thai.


VM And Shop Design Manager

  • Sagittarius
  • Seeker
  • A crossover designer who constantly explores the world and self

I have been deeply influenced by my family's love for art since I was a little boy. I like embracing diverse cultures and I am curious about new things. I like fashion and photography, like to experiment and explore interesting ideas every time with different projects, and I don't want to limit myself to a specific and single field as a designer.

Feeling passionate about design and visual merchandising, I like to think about design from the perspective of users. From an accidental opportunity to start my career as a visual merchandiser till now, I deeply understand the charm and value of retail design is really reflected in the requirements for every single detail.


Senior VM Designer

  • Libra
  • an encyclopedia of rare knowledge
  • OTAKU with strong practical ability

Like most art students, design has always been my ambition. Since joining the team in 2014, I have been responsible for the design of various projects for different brands: visual merchandising props, window displays and also pop up stores. What I enjoy the most in the design project is the creative aspect of it. Whether it is a store or a window display, the expression of the theme, the innovative use of material technology, are both fun and challenging at the same time. In my spare time, I like to make my own bags and accessories. This allows me to use my free time in an enriching way and meanwhile relax.


VM Designer

  • Aries
  • Earrings Lover
  • a happy influencer caring about personal image

Responsible for designing visual merchandising props, communicate brand information through different design forms. In my designs I like to experiment the different materials to express different feelings and achieve a balance between usefulness and aesthetics.

Since I was a child, I have always had a passion for beautiful things, focusing on the pursuit of beauty. From reading to working, from exhibition design to window display design, at every turning point and development direction, I implement my own feelings and expression of beauty while always receiving help and encouragement as well as building my own experience.

Cheerful and curious, I am able to both focus seriously on work, but at the same time have fun. I like to participate to fun activities, like reading books about different topics. I am also in love with DIY, experimental food, and I love small pets. Passionate about life, active and at the same time very serious about work.


Graphic Designer

  • Virgo
  • Soul Painter
  • Amazing photographers

I am responsible for the graphic aspect of each project, I design new VI, magazines and also front table props. I also plan and manage photoshooting projects. Since I was little, I have always wanted to become a designer, as I’m in love with fresh and new things, I’m very attentive to details, and like to explore the beauty of life. Besides design, illustration, photography, travel and sports are my passions. I draw my inspiration from my daily life: the beautiful things, the friends and colleagues around me, the beautiful scenery I experience during my journeys, and my cute little cat!


Graphic Designer

  • Pisces
  • Movie aficionado
  • Fantastic,cool but sweet

I create and develop the graphics and layout for brochures, posters and other graphic design projects. Developing a unique design style in every brand concept and bringing new vitality to the brands are the reason and direction that I always stick to.

I like autumn and love movies, from which I draw different design inspirations.


Shop Designer

  • Virgo
  • Versatile Designer
  • Lifelong Learner

A person may have ten thousand goals in a lifetime, but my goal is only one from the beginning to the end: personal growth. Growth is a must in my life. Many people think that having a natural talent for painting, I could automatically become a designer. On the contrary, my natural talents were not enough to achieve such a goal. I am probably ranked ninth among the ten people who want to be designers. So, in addition to the study of art, I also decided to continue to learn the knowledge in other different fields during my everyday life. I believe that for every hundred days, I can improve a little. Now I have been studying for more than 900 days in a row and I am moving towards a thousand days. I believe that I am no longer at the ninth place, as I was when I started. I believe that in the future I can be the best.


Shop designer

  • Scorpio
  • cat lover
  • born to design

Responsible for store design, I focus on the emotional communication between people and space, I like to create unexpected visual focus, and pursues design aesthetics. Love of creation, low-key but with hidden tension and paint-like convergent plasticity. Like adventure, respecting the nature. I am madly addicted to cats.


Shop designer

  • Sagittarius
  • trend seeker
  • kidult daddy

A designer, like a director in a movie, should be able to tell good stories. I like to express my design ideas in the form of telling stories through brand features.

I always think that design means bringing the space back to its essence and original state, design comes from life. We are committed to the coexistence of contemporary, comfortable, environmental friendly, natural, harmonious, humanistic and artistic expressions in the design, to find the balance between art and function.

I also like fashion, clothing, photography, good food, movies and everything that can bring beauty to life. These are also an important source of inspiration for my design work.


Shop Designer

  • Pisces
  • Nonmaterial
  • Zen girl

I am responsible for store design, construction drawings, materials, and communication with the factory. I am at the same time a home girl and a travel addict, keen to explore new things, enjoying outdoor activities and photography.


Shop designer

  • Libra
  • tough girl
  • elegant optimist

I pursuit my own success being my own leader. I believe art is freedom of imagination: without constraints to design, I enjoy the sense of achievement from abstract ideas to physical design realizations and I focus my attention to the careful planning of every detail in the space. Life is about individual self-improvement: I like to find design inspirations in my daily life and review myself in my running sessions when my mind is free.


Shop designer

  • Gemini
  • eccentric health freak
  • tech nerd designer

Maybe everyone should not be defined by labels, whether it is passion for design aesthetics, curiosity about new technology, or exploration of music, this is all me. I love traveling, sports, and living my life. I always review my own self and remind myself of what needs to be changed and what needs to be kept. The more I learn, the more I understand how precious the good things are.


Shop designer

  • Virgo
  • Fantastic visionary
  • innovation freak

You can never be the first one if you follow others, so you have to innovate. Innovation has always been my pursuit, therefore creative and innovative things are always very attractive to me. My design process revolves around interpreting things according to my own ideas, trying to focus on being interesting.

I work on store design, trying to find the best solutions to make the space interesting, attractive and improve the space utilization rate at the same time. I create a unique IP for each store. In order to impress customers, I usually focus on the use of innovative materials and technology, filling the space with creativity by using different themes, at the same time combining visual effect and practicality.

Calm and hard worker, I always strive to improve myself. I work hard and relax during breaks. I like sports, playing basketball, and games.